Robert Swapp

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"Capturing Moments in Time"

Phone: 626-482-2810 Email:

IG: @robertswappphotography

Facebook: Robert Swapp

I am an independent photographer who is very versatile in the way I photograph. My images are always different in styles and looks. I don't limit my work to one particular style, this is dependent on what I want to create and what my clients are looking for.

I specialize in Portraits, Weddings, Life Styles, Fashion, Social Media Content, Boudoir and Corporate Events.

I am a producer of large photoshoots for my yearly "Epic Photoshoot" Event. Last year, it consisted of 65 photographers, 25 models, a team of HMUA'S, Stylist, and 3 Designers.

I have a large network of photographers, models, HMUA's and Designer's.

I also do private photography coaching/mentoring and photography workshops.

My passion is to create, my passion is in photography.

I am also a proud father of two boys, Ryan (12) and Riley (6). They both are models and they keep me and my wife Linda very busy with their schooling and activities.


Robert Swapp Photography retains full and exclusive copyright to all images supplied and/or produced. All rights are reserved. *The unauthorized copying, reproduction, electronic distribution, manipulation or Xeroxing of any print or image is strictly prohibited. Weddings Rates & Packages: Please contact me so we can schedule an appointment. Custom prints and albums are available upon customers request for additional charge.

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